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A 100% polyester apron, designed especially for parties, is a versatile and provocative garment that combines fun and erotic elements in a fusion of style and fun. This apron is Designed for those looking to add a spicy and playful touch to their events, without neglecting comfort and functionality.


  • High quality material: This apron is made of high quality material. Made of high quality polyester, ensuring an elegant appearance and soft touch at the same time. Polyester is a durable and resistant material, so this apron will accompany you. at numerous parties without losing its appeal.
  • Fun illustrations: The apron is decorated Adorned with fun and playful illustrations that add a touch of humor to any occasion. You can expect to see comical designs, cheerful characters, and festive elements that will make your guests laugh and set a festive mood at your event.
  • Erotic illustrations: This apron also includes erotic illustrations, designed in a subtle and suggestive way to add a sensual and provocative element to the party. These illustrations can range from light innuendo to more daring depictions, all depending on your preference and the mood of the party.
  • Comfortable fit: The apron features a comfortable fit, a neck strap and an adjustable waist strap, allowing you to adapt it to your body so that you feel comfortable and safe throughout the event.
  • Functionality: Despite its provocative appearance, this apron is functional and practical.


Fantastic apron with fun illustrations and erotic images, very fun to give as a gift, liven up your parties and even cook to surprise your partner and your friends. 100% polyester, very good fabric, washable.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 20 × 440 × 280 mm